Walmart Lawn Mower Return Policy of 2023

With Walmart carrying such a vast selection of gardening items ranging from tools to supplies to appliances, it’s not always easy to locate the ins and outs of their return policy for a specific purchase. Those visiting our site often seek clarity on Walmart’s policy for returning lawn mowers and other large outdoor power equipment. Our experts have analyzed their terms and broken them down in plain language so buyers understand guidelines like refund periods, return requirements and any exceptions upfront.

Walmart Lawn Mower Return Policy

When it comes to returning mowers and lawn equipment, Walmart provides customers with a generous 90-day window from the date of purchase. According to our research, this return period applies to all the major types of power mowers shoppers tend to pick up at the big box retailer. Whether you go with a gas, electric cordless, or ride-on model, Walmart will accept returns within 90 days no questions asked. As long as a valid receipt is presented, customers are entitled to a full cash refund on exchanges.

For any returns made without a receipt, Walmart customer service representatives are trained to issue an in-store credit instead. This alternative still allows buyers to repurchase or exchange the item for another selection in-stock.

Returning a lawn mower or other large outdoor equipment purchase to Walmart can seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before. However, our experts assure readers the process is actually quite simple. For unopened items bought in-store, head to the customer service desk with your mower or trimmer – whether it be a popular make like Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, or Snapper – along with all original packaging and your receipt.

Forgot your paperwork? No problem – just bring a valid ID like your driver’s license instead. An associate will then handle getting you a full refund on the spot. Online orders are also a breeze to return through Walmart’s convenient website. You can either ship the item back for free or schedule a time for them to retrieve it from your home. Overall, Walmart aims to remove any hassle from lawn equipment returns – just be sure to abide by that 90-day window.

Can I Return A Lawn Mower To Walmart Without The Receipt?

Yes, Walmart does provide an option for returning lawn mowers and other season items without a receipt. According to our experts’ research, the retailer allows a 90-day window from the purchase date for no-receipt returns as long as a customer can present valid photo ID. This policy is designed to offer flexibility for buyers who may forget to hold onto receipts after all.

However, our sources indicate this type of return is ultimately at the staff’s discretion and possibly dependent on specific store location. Not all associates may be as familiar with Walmart’s no-receipt policy. It’s always safest to retain paperwork for future reference just in case issues arise. We also advise customers are aware Walmart enforces a strict limit of three receipt-less returns per member’s account overall.

Keeping detailed records is the surest way for lawn mower owners and shoppers alike to simplify any potential returns in the future. Be sure to also check our additional resources on redeeming Walmart refunds or exchanges without presenting original packaging materials whenever needed. Proper preparation makes the process smoother all around.


Here are some FAQs about Walmart’s lawn mower return policy:

Q: What is Walmart’s return period for lawn mowers?

A: Walmart accepts returns of lawn mowers within 90 days of purchase for either a full refund or store credit.

Q: Do I need a receipt to return a lawn mower?

A: It’s best to return items with a receipt to receive a cash refund. If no receipt, you can return within 90 days with a valid ID for a store credit.

Q: Is there a limit on no-receipt returns?

A: Yes, Walmart only allows up to 3 no-receipt returns per member/household. Keep receipts to avoid any issues.

Q: Can I return an open-box or used lawn mower?

A: No, only unopened lawn mowers in their original packaging within the 90 day window. Used items cannot be returned.

Q: What forms of payment will I get from a lawn mower return?

A: With a receipt, you’ll receive a full cash refund onto the original payment method. No receipt returns result in a store credit only.

Q: How do I return an online lawn mower order?

A: Online lawn mower purchases can be returned by mail through for a refund or credit within 90 days.


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