The 12 Best Weed Eaters for 2024

Weed eaters are the most useful tools for keeping grass and weeds in check. You may need a weed eater to clean your lawn, driveway, garden, and flowerbeds, etc. If you are looking for the best weed eater for your gardening, lawn, or outdoor tasks, you should consider the following best weed eater reviews before purchasing one.

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12

Top 5 best weed eaters

In-depth reviews

Here are our in-depth reviews of the best weed eaters.

1. RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer – Best Premium

RYOBI’s 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer is compact and easy to store, making it perfect for travel. It has a cordless design, so you don’t have to worry about a power cord.

It has a long runtime, and it can be used to cut grass, weeds, and even shrubs. The cutting width can be adjusted from 13 in. to 15 in., so it’s suitable for use on any surface.

The blade is made from stainless steel and has a flat top edge, so it won’t damage other materials. The battery has a 4.0 Ah high capacity, and it charges very quickly.

It has a 30-minute charge time, so you can get back to work quickly. The battery is replaceable, so it’s easy to find a spare one if you need to.

It’s easy to control, and it has variable speed settings for cutting control. You can adjust the speed from slow to fast, depending on the material you are trimming.

The blade has a rubber grip, so it’s comfortable to hold and easy to control. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water getting inside.


  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Ergonomic and comfortable to hold

  • Large screen

  • Perfect for hands-free phone calls


  • Some assembly required

  • Does not support wireless connection

2. Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer – Best Overall

The 10 Amp 18-inch Corded String Trimmer from GreenWorks is an affordable tool that provides a large cutting path for speed trimming.

The unit has a 10 Amp motor with straight shaft and.080 dual line bump feed. It’s easy to operate with an electric start, which lets you easily start and stop the machine.

It has a large 18" cutting path for speed trimming and includes a cushion and over-molded grip for operator comfort.

There are three auxiliary handles for more control when trimming. It’s equipped with a quick-connect coupler that’s compatible with various name brand trimmers.


  • Large cutting path

  • Easy to use; easy to start and stop

  • Large 18" cutting path

  • Three auxiliary handles


  • Expensive

Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable), 21142

3. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless String Trimmer – Best Purchased

The Worx WG163GT3.0 20V Cordless String Trimmer & Edger is a very affordable string trimmer and edger that’s suitable for use in the garden and around the house.

It’s powered by a powerful 20V lithium-ion battery, which is included with the tool. It’s lightweight, and its ergonomic handle helps to make it easier to use.

It has a unique feature, the Instant Line Feed system. You simply press the button, and the spool quickly advances, so that you can easily keep the line running.

You can cut on sloped terrain, and it’s really easy to adjust the height of the blade, so you can easily reach difficult-to-cut areas. When you’re finished trimming and edging, you can easily place the grass catcher in the lid of the bag, and it’ll hold up to 2.5kg of grass.


  • Simple and easy to use; no need to adjust the height of the blade

  • Comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery

  • Lightweight; compact and easy to carry

  • Offers a large cutting area


  • The battery will take about 30 minutes to fully charge

  • The battery is not replaceable

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* String Trimmer – Best Budget

The BLACK + DECKER LST300 is a very handy device that’s suitable for trimming flower beds, sidewalks, and other vegetation.

It features a cordless design, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a large cord. It comes with a blade that’s made from stainless steel and has been treated with corrosion protection. This means it won’t rust, and it’s easy to maintain.

The tool can be used to make straight and curved cuts, and it has three cutting modes. It has a speed setting that will allow you to select the speed at which the device is going to cut. There’s a depth control dial that will help you to adjust how deep the device is going to cut into the ground.

A LED light will indicate when the device is in use, and it also comes with a guard that will stop the blade from catching on things. It’s ideal for homeowners and landscape contractors.

You can use the device as a trimmer or as an edger. You can just flip a switch to choose which one you want to use.


  • Suitable for trimming flower beds, sidewalks, and other vegetation

  • Cordless design

  • Blade made from stainless steel

  • Corrosion-proof treatment


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

  • Doesn’t have a storage compartment

5. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer – Best Value

This corded 14-inch electric trimmer/edger has a powerful 5 amp motor, a wide 14-inch cutting head, and an auto-feed trim line. It’s designed to get the job done faster, and it's a one-step switch from trimmer to edger in seconds.

With a telescoping shaft and adjustable assist handle, this is an ideal option for extended reach.

You can trim and edge your lawn without bending down, and it’s safe and easy to use. It comes with an ergonomic design and comfortable handles, making it easy to use. It’s suitable for use on both hard and soft surfaces, and it’s a good choice for edging and grass trimming.


  • Powerful motor

  • Easy to use

  • Can be used for edging and trimming

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Comes with an auto-feed trim line


  • No battery included


Which weed eater is the best?

Professionals typically prefer gas string trimmers, but for usage in small yards and at home, an electric weed wacker (available in corded or battery-powered variants) makes more sense. Corded trimmers often start with the push of a button and are the lightest and least priced option.

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12

What maintenance is required for a weed eater?

After using the trimmer and before putting it away, clean the parts with a rag. Periodically use a stiff brush and a moist cloth to clean deeply. To clean exhausts, intakes, and other difficult-to-clean locations, use cotton swabs that have been lightly wet with machine oil.

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