The 12 Best Lawn Mowers under $200 for 2024

The lawnmower market is full of different models, brands, and types, and you can find a wide range of products that can fulfill your needs. However, finding the best lawn mower under 200$ is not easy. We will be reviewing the best lawn mowers under $200 to help you choose the best lawn mower for you.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21

Top 5 best lawn mowers under $200

In-depth reviews

Read reviews of the best lawn mowers under $200 before making your purchase.

1. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower – Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER is made with heavy-duty aluminum construction and a powerful electric motor that delivers enough power to cut through almost any type of grass and overgrowth, without making too much noise.

The adjustable cutting height feature allows you to cut anywhere from 1-1/2 in. to 4 in., which is ideal for cutting along the edge of your yard, hedges, and flower beds.

The edgemax deck design reduces the need to trim after the lawn is mowed, and it does a great job at catching leaves, grass clippings, and other debris.

The mower is easy to use, and it’s very stable and sturdy. You don’t have to worry about it tipping over or falling over during operation. It also has carry handles that make it easy to move around, and it’s equipped with three different cutting settings for mowing different types of grass.


  • Offers a powerful cutting power

  • Easy to use; no complicated controls or settings

  • Ideal for mowing different types of grass

  • Can be used in any weather condition

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Has a five-year warranty


  • Does not come with a bag

2. Sun Joe MJ408E 20 Inch Electric Lawn Mower – BestPremium

Sun Joe’s MJ408E 20-inch lawn mower features a powerful 12-amp motor and a durable 20-inch steel deck, so it’s able to tackle all types of turf without any problems.

The mower weighs less than 50 pounds, making it really light and easy to move around. It has a green finish, which makes it safe and eco-friendly. This electric mower will give you an excellent cut, and it’s suitable for home use, as well as professional commercial settings.

It features a 7-position manual height adjustment, so you can set the height to suit your needs. It also has a detachable grass collection bag, so you can use it to collect the cut grass and keep it inside. It has a capacity of 14.5 gallons, which should be enough for all but the largest lawns.


  • Great cut; makes it easy to trim grass into perfect shapes

  • Low weight; makes it easier to handle and move around

  • Can be used for both residential and commercial purposes

  • Has a wide cutting area

  • Suitable for all types of grasses


  • Does not have any power indicator

3. Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower – Best Purchased

The Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower is a professional grade lawn mower that delivers powerful performance, all-day run time, and exceptional value.

With this model, the lawn mower has a durable steel cutting deck that offers the strength and power needed to cut through the toughest grass. It’s an ideal machine for mowing around trees and shrubs.

This lawn mower has a powerful 12 amp motor, which gives it the power to cut through tough grass without bogging down. The electric power means that you don’t have to worry about gas, oil, or emissions, making it much easier to use.

The mower uses a three-in-one system that makes it easy to mulch, bag, and discharge your yard waste. You can choose between mulching, bagging, or side discharge, depending on the size of your yard and what you want to do with the debris.

A single lever is included to adjust the deck height. This is a great feature for a comfortable ride. It also includes 7 position handle positioning, giving you the most comfortable handle position for the best riding experience.


  • Powerful and efficient; cuts grass efficiently

  • Adjustable height control makes mowing more comfortable

  • Folds for easy storage

  • Three-in-one system for mulching, bagging, and side discharge


  • None

4. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28-Volt Lawn Mower – Best Value

The Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO has a 4Ah lithium-ion battery, and it’s also the most powerful cordless push lawn mower available. It cuts up to a quarter acre of grass in one pass, and it’s equipped with a rear discharge chute. It also has a 20-inch cutting width and a cutting height of 3 inches to 16 inches.

It has adjustable cutting height, and it’s suitable for both small and large lawns. It’s equipped with a rear discharge chute, which makes it easy to cut grass clippings in the backyard.

It also features a 2150 square feet per charge, and it can cut your grass with ease. You can adjust the cutting height and cutting width to suit your needs, and you can also use this mower for trimming hedges or other landscaping.


  • A high-quality product with a powerful motor; it’s equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Adjustable cutting height and cutting width

  • Suitable for both small and large lawns

  • Features a 2150 square feet per charge


  • Does not have an automatic cut function

5. Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Lawn Mower – Best Budget

The Fiskars 362050-1001 is a great-quality, high-performance electric lawn mower that’s designed to help you take back your yard.

This model features a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 10 hours between charges, and it’s also Eco-friendly, as it uses no gas, oil, or charging. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The mower comes with a battery, charger and an AC adapter, so it’s a breeze to set up and operate. You’ll find the cord is fairly long, so you’ll be able to reach some places that might not be easily accessible.

There are a variety of settings that you can choose from, which lets you adjust the height, the speed, and the length of the grass cut. You can use these settings for different grass types and landscapes.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight

  • Can cut grass, weeds, and foliage

  • Built-in beater bar

  • Rechargeable battery; lasts up to 10 hours

  • Compatible with both AC and DC power sources


  • The mower blades are not sharp enough to cut grass properly


What kind of mower produces the sharpest cut?

The most adaptable kind of lawn mowers, rotary mowers can handle most kinds of grass. They can cut longer and rougher grass better than cylinder mowers. A rotary mower can run on gasoline, mains electricity, or a rechargeable battery.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21

Is mowing the lawn quickly or slowly preferable?

The lawn mower can travel at speeds of seven miles per hour, quickly clears a field of grass while navigating around various obstructions. But it is advised not to move too quickly. Generally, mowing at a slower pace produces better outcomes.

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