Top 14 Best Lawn Mower Covers for 2024

Lawn mower covers are used to protect your lawn mower from damage by dirt, leaves, etc. They are also used to cover the grass to keep it tidy and clean. If you want to cover your lawn mower, you must select the right kind of mower cover.

We have selected the best lawn mower covers for you that will fit your lawn mower perfectly. So, go through the list and get the best lawn mower cover for yourself.

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Things to consider before buying

Best lawn mower covers are an essential accessory to have if you have a lawn mower. They protect your lawn mower from the weather and they also provide protection to your lawn mower. They are also designed to prevent rust. So when purchasing a lawn mower cover, there are certain things you need to consider.


The size of the lawn mower cover is an important aspect to consider. You need to buy one that is big enough to fit your lawn mower. You don't want to buy one that is too small. It may make the mower cover difficult to attach and remove.


There are two primary sorts of these covers: indoor and outdoor.

For mowers kept in a garage, shed, or other protected space, indoor mower covers are effective. They do a good job of keeping pests, dirt, and dust off of your mower, but they offer very little defense against moisture. This kind of cover will probably deteriorate quickly and display symptoms of cracking, fraying, or peeling if used to protect a mower that is kept outside.

Mowers that are kept outside can be covered with outdoor mowers. They can withstand the elements and even severe storms. They can also offer UV and wind protection, and they provide great water protection. These covers have a long lifespan.


Numerous materials, including cotton, nylon, plastic, vinyl, and polyester, are used to make lawn mower covers. The type of cover material you require depends on where the mower will be kept.

Typically, indoor covers are constructed of flimsier materials like cotton.

For protection against the elements, outdoor covers must be more robust. For these covers, plastic, vinyl, nylon, and polyester are usually employed. 

Some materials have been treated to provide more UV, weather, and moisture protection. The cover will last even longer thanks to these treatments, which make the material more durable.


Should a lawnmower be covered?

One of the biggest errors lawn mower owners make is ignoring the necessity of a lawn mower cover. Investing in a lawn mower cover is essential for protecting your machine and extending its longevity.

Can a tarp be used to cover a lawnmower?

Make sure your lawnmower is elevated if you must store it outside for an extended period of time so that it doesn't rest on the ground. This will make it possible for air to flow, keeping it drier. A heavy-duty tarp should be used to cover it tightly. Check the tarp frequently to ensure there are no holes or other damage.

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